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Girls Club Event / Role Models and Girl Love

The last Girls Club event was  at The Mess Hall on Sunday 1st September.

The Theme: Role Models and Girl LOVE!

This month we got together to talk about the women we admire and look to for inspiration from all over the public sphere. We talked musicians, actresses, businesswomen and politicians. Here are a few of the women that rated a mention (they all do but some got lost in the notes!)

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Girls Club Event / Behind the Scenes

Photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography via photopin cc

The last Girls Club event was  at The Mess Hall on Sunday 4 August.

The Theme: Behind the Scenes

The idea for this month’s Girls Club event was very, very simple – What are the decisions we make, behind the scenes? What goes on in our lives, behind the scenes? – but the end result was one of the most intriguing and inspiring events yet!

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Girls Club Event / My Future, Part 1

The last Girls Club event was  at The Mess Hall on Sunday 7 July.

The Theme: My Future, Part 1

The Backstory

You know, the idea of “Girls Club” is all fine and good. A club – wanting to foster positive relationships between females – that has monthly activities? Yep, that’s great. But we worry. We worry that it will get boring. We worry that it won’t be meaningful enough. How do we make it more meaningful, and create a longer story arc?

Our first tactic is to have a big topic, “My Future,” as an ongoing & recurring theme. So “My Future, Part 1” was in July, and “My Future, Part 2” will be in November, and we’ll be following everyone up on their thoughts and progress in-between.

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Girls Club Event / Assertiveness

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We had the second Girls Club event at Trunk on Sunday 7 April, and again, it was a warm and enjoyable gathering with such lovely people.

The Theme: Assertiveness

First up, we’d like to say that one of the attendees, Tessa, posted a great summary of the event on her blog, Silence Without. But we’ll also do a quick summary here!

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