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ICYMI: Links from this week!

Here are some links we’ve found interesting over the last few weeks, in case you missed them!

The Year I Didn’t Retweet Men by Anil Dash on Medium – Anil makes a conscious decision to share the female perspective for a whole year.

Guys, Stop Sexualizing Women In Your Mockups by Wells Riley. Enough said.

Something For Leena – Leena Van Deventer is blogging her year of Self-Care.

The High Visibility Project – Women in tech tell us how they got there.

She Hacks Melbourne – If you’re a female programmer, Girl Geek Dinners is hosting Melbourne’s first ever female-only Hackathon on March 21st. Proceeds will go to One Girl – to help educate girls around the world.

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Trait Transference

I’ve been thinking about the theory of trait transference: The idea that if your friend tells you that their coworker is really lazy, you subconsciously also associate “lazy” with your friend.

The study is pretty old, but it feels true. I’m noticing more and more what people say about other people, and how it makes me think about their own character. And I’m being more careful when I talk about other people.

So here’s a little exercise: This week, when someone talks to you about someone else, and they say the person is lazy/lovely/ditzy/intelligent, do you think you’re subconsciously also applying that trait to the person speaking?


Friendship Contract Idea

We started Girls Club because we want to:

Foster positive relationships between girls.
Create a positive environment to meet, support and learn.
Share positive role models, skills, advice, tips, stories.

While we’ve been thinking about this mission, our collective ears have been alert for any relevant information. How do we encourage ourselves to be more positive? How do we find positive role models? Where do we start?

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