Girl Profile / Leona D’vaz

Dear Leona,

I met you at a Girl Geek Academy workshop on Branding. I looked up your website beforehand and was really impressed — the design of it, the fact that you’re a freelance journalist, the photography, the interests on your “about” page. Then I met you and you were, of course, just as interesting as all that… and then you started coming to some Girls Club workshops! Which was a delight.

So. We’d love to hear more about you. Here are our questions!

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Girl Profile / Serena Sundai

Dear Serena,

I met you through Shannon, my Girls Club co-leader, because you work with her! You have been a part of Girls Club from the beginning (and your sister too – so cool), and have always been very supportive.

You are also a really cool designer, which I completely admire. And I love your style – your clothes, your looks, your makeup, your hair, everything! If I had to go shopping with someone and trust their opinion, or get a friend to be a stylist, you’d be one of the people I’d pick.

All right, onto the questions!

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Girl Profile / Theresa Winters

Dear Theresa,

When I first met you, I could sense a kindred spirit… you were freelance writing for Time Out magazine and other organisations; curious about everything in the world around you; an explorer of places, people and events; wholeheartedly in support of girls & women being excellent to each other; and always trying new things and starting new things – like your Braidiance hair braiding classes, your WinWinWinters Facebook group that seeks out the best contests, giveaways and freebies, and The Plus Ones website, which highlights Melbourne’s best events!

Since then, you’ve written about Girls Club for the press, been a speaker at our 4 Short Talks event (speaking about “How to schedule awesomeness: go out every night, read dozens of books, and make it feel effortless!”), made friends everywhere you go, and generally been a fantastic human bean.

We’d love to hear your answers to our Girl Profile questions… and learn more about the world of Theresa.

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Girl Profile / Judith Gammie

Dear Jude,

You are our second profile. You are also someone who’s been on the Girls Club scene for quite a while, and you’ve started your own girls group – SWITCH (Society for Women in Information TeCHnology) at RMIT, which is all about building a community of supportive women who love and live technology. That’s so cool. You are someone who inspires me. So, onto the questions… !

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