Girl Profile / Liesl Woods

Dear Liesl,

You are my darling sister. And a wonderful human being. And a Girls Club regular! And you said yes to having your profile done. Thank you.


How are you today?
Great! The sun is out, there’s people dancing. No wait, that’s from Buffy the musical. I am good, thanks.

What do you do for work?
I coordinate outdoor education programs, coach sport, and teach at a school.

What does that involve day to day?
Lots of admin – talking with people, sussing out concerns that need to be dealt with, giving updates or debriefs, holding meetings, filling out paperwork, writing assessments or unit plans. Practically, it’s preparing equipment and running sessions with a focus on a particular concept or skill.

How did you get to this role, this field, from school?
I did some part time coaching within my school when I was a senior student. I did some work on a GAP year in England assisting adults with disabilities. This helped the idea of teaching sink in, as I really enjoyed taking time with people and pursuing small achievements with them. I did a Bachelor of Sport/Outdoor Education with a Bachelor of Secondary Teaching. I did some part time Outdoor Education work as a Group Leader, then taught OEd at senior level in a school along with Health and PE. My current job required those skills, as well as a larger scale of management.

What do you do for play?
I like visiting parks and gardens, taking photos, going on road trips or picnics, and at home: making photobooks or little movies.


Do you have any favourite sites or blogs?
I don’t really follow blogs, except Crash Course on YouTube – run by the Vlogbrothers including author John Green. I also enjoy reading Science Alert on Facebook. And the American Museum of Natural History’s Tumblr posts.

What TV/music are you currently enjoying?
(Scandinavian group).
John Farnham – for some nostalgia!

Who are favourite females in your life?
Some of my friends – One is racing in an IronWoman comp in Hawaii, one is pursuing her own business, one is volunteering for Doctors for the Environment, one started this group called Girls Club. You might’ve heard of it.

Famous peeps:

Cate Blanchett: doesn’t seem to care for the fame/fashion thing but always tries her best to research and perform her role as best she can, while also doing real-life-make-a-difference types of things without searching for the spotlight.

Allison Janney: as her role in Press Secretary in the West Wing. Amazing confidence and articulation. I would love to be so wise, charming, witty and assertive!

Are you part of any other meetups/groups/etc that you recommend?
I haven’t done anything with them, but am part of a running club meetup, and a photography meetup.


What are your passions?
Photography, writing, creating meaningful experiences.

What are you looking forward to, coming up?
Moving out of my apartment and living minimally. Also, starting summer volleyball and hockey!

What would you do, if money were no object?
I would spend more time with people, live communally, travel more, give and share more. I actually don’t think money/no money would change my life much. I think having limitless time would change my life!

What would you do, if you weren’t afraid?


I would love to meet other girls who…
feel successful day to day, or enjoy talking philosophically.

I would love to meet other girls to…
learn more management/organsation techniques and other skills.

I need help with…
online skills, big picture goals, keeping up with world issues.

I’d like to promote…
community, simplicity, diversity.


How can people connect with you?
Instagram: lewoo
Tumblr: sunbird

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