Girl Profile / Shannon Steinfort

Hello, Shannon!

Pleasure to be profiling you. You are our first profile, and also one of the Girls Club founders! We’ll start out with some easy questions, then progress to some hairier ones.


How are you today?
Feeling fine! I just ate two donuts for afternoon tea.

What do you do for work?
I’m an account manager at a creative agency. I’ve been doing marketing/account management stuff for nearly 10 years…

What does that involve day to day?
Speaking with clients either by email or phone, usually reassuring them that their job is running smoothly! A client will brief a job in to me and then it’s my job to ensure that our designers understand the brief and schedule the work into the studio for them to do.

We produce a lot of copy-heavy collateral so I do a lot of proofreading and editing before sending final versions to clients. It’s a pretty varied job – this only really scratches the surface.

How did you get to this role, this field, from school?
I did a bit of drifting around after school and I kind of got into marketing by accident. I applied for an office admin role at a marketing company, and that turned into an account management role pretty quickly as the company was quite small.

What do you do for play?
I’m a singer in a band! I play bass and sing in an all-girl punk band called The Girl Fridas. I also like my sleep and relaxing time.


Do you have any favourite sites or blogs?
I just discovered xoVain and I find myself checking back on that for anything related to beauty how-to.

What TV/music are you currently enjoying?
I saw a film about the band Pulp recently so I’m having a bit of a Pulp renaissance at the moment. I really, really love St Vincent’s new album and White Fence’s album “For the Recently Found Innocent”.

Who are favourite females in your life?
Fox! You are my favourite female! I’m surrounded by some really great females in my life at the moment and I can attribute that to starting Girls Club with you – once I started being more receptive to positive female relationships in my life, they just started developing. My bandmates Alice and Bianca are also really wonderful women – I love creating with them and I feel really lucky to have them in my life.


What are your passions?
Feminism is a pretty big passion. The idea that half the population isn’t regarded as completely equal, and that there are still people that believe that, utterly bewilders me. I want to be able to share that idea on a bigger platform – music is pretty good for that!

What are you looking forward to, coming up?
My band have a show coming up on August 30th! That’s pretty short term…

What would you do, if money were no object?
Take my band on tour. Live between New York City and Tokyo.

Then when it’s time to retire I’d live on a truffle farm with a pack of truffle-hunting dachshunds.

What would you do, if you weren’t afraid?
I would start a truffle farm and have a pack of truffle-hunting dachshunds… I’ve actually done a bit of research into it – mycology is so interesting!


I would love to meet other girls who…
can help me connect with other females in the music industry in Melbourne – I know they’re hiding somewhere… My band would really love to make an all-female produced recording.


How can people connect with you?
I’m on Twitter: @SLSteinfort
My band is on Facebook: The Girl Fridas
Come and see us sometime!

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