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Here’s our summary for the last Girls Club event, which was at Optic Kitchen + Bar on Sunday 6 July.

The Theme: My Future

We ran this event last year, and it was both terribly interesting and inspiring, so we decided to run it every year in July!

The Activity

Thinking about the future is (maybe) a big ask, (maybe) overwhelming. So we started off with a simple brainstorm.

Download the Activity Sheet to follow the steps.

1. Imagine

Firstly, we asked, “What are some things that you would like in your life, or like to change about your life, by January next year?” We had some time to scribble notes for this.

Then, “Describe yourself in July 2015. What has changed about you?” And some more scribble time.

2. Planner

Everyone wrote the items that they really wanted into the “2015” column on the planner. Then they worked backwards and filled in “4 Months,” “1 Month,” and “1 Week,” as though creating baby steps towards the 2015 wish list. For example:

  • 2015 – Travel overseas
  • 4 Months (November) – Buy flights
  • 1 Month (August) – Saving, research, basic plan of trip
  • 1 Week (13 July) – Set budget, start saving

3. Action

Say it out loud

We asked if anyone would be comfortable sharing two of their “2015” items, and what they’d written in the “1 Month” column as baby-steps in the right direction. Everyone shared! It was inspiring and encouraging listening to everyone’s wishes and their plans to get what they want.

Thank You

Thank you for joining us and sharing parts of yourselves, Sally, Melanie, Theresa, Bronwyn, Liv, Kim, Jane, Jackie and Alison. Hopefully we can follow up on some of your desires and help promote you / help you with them!

Upcoming Events

Our next event is on Sunday 3 August, and the topic is About Introverts. Grab a ticket!

We’d also like to give a shout-out to a couple of other interesting events coming up…

  • Life Design Launch Party on Thursday 24 July – sounds fascinating! Bronwyn, from The Shoe Alternative (who are running the event), came to Girls Club and I look forward to getting involved with them more!
  • This Digital Life on Sunday 7 September  – it’s a one-day event with all-women speakers, talking about working in digital spaces.


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