Girls Club Event / Through Other Girls’ Eyes

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Howdy again. Here’s our summary for the last Girls Club event, which was at the Duke of Wellington on Sunday 1 June.

The Theme: Through Other Girls’ Eyes

This was a tricky topic, but it’s something we wanted to try: How do we bring a group of women together, and try to get insights into what the world is like, through their eyes?

To give it a whirl, we put together an activity sheet, which starts with 5 questions to get people into the groove, then 24 keywords that might encourage further thoughts and discussion.

Download the Activity Sheet

5 Questions

As starting points, we listed questions and topics where someone might have strong feelings, opinions or perspectives.

1. If there was a storybook average life, how has yours differed?

2. What does Melbourne mean and feel to you? How doss Melbourne treat you? What have you experienced that others mightn’t have? 

3. What are your concerns & passions? 

4. Any strong opinions on any negative/bad experiences – stress, anxiety, hate, fear, etc?

5. Any strong opinions on any positive/good experiences – bliss, ecstasy, respect, hope, etc? 

After about 15 minutes of thinking time (and coffee-ordering time), we asked around the table if people would share their answers, and heard some different life stories and perspectives.

24 Keywords

Next, we put 24 keywords in front of everyone, and asked, if they had strong feelings, opinions or perspectives on them, to make a note and then we would discuss them. The keywords were:

  • Primary School & Childhood
  • High School & Teenage Life 
  • Tertiary Education & Young Adult Life
  • Adult Life 
  • Work Life & Career
  • Home Life
  • Politics
  • Violence
  • Superstition
  • Love & Relationships 
  • Religion & God & Spirituality
  • Sex 
  • Punishment
  • Money 
  • Socio-Economic Classes
  • Tax 
  • Death
  • Health
  • Education
  • Discrimination – sexism, racism, etc
  • Retirement
  • Family 
  • Friends
  • Fun 

We can’t share what was discussed, because it was so personal, but we would like to thank everyone for coming (including our special high school guests!) and for sharing your world-views.

Coming up next!

Our next event is on Sunday 6 July, and is called My Future. We ran this session last year, also in July, and it was really appreciated. We’ll be working on goal planning, hopes and dreams for 2015.

We will release tickets for that event soon – make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter to get notified!


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