Girls Club Event / Sex Ed Workshop

Photo credit: Louise Bourchier

Hello! We had our first ever evening event on Wednesday 28 May, at Horse Bazaar bar. We had the wonderful guest speaker Louise Bourchier, who is a professional sex educator with a Masters in Public Health.

We just have a short writeup for this one, as there was a lot of information shared by Louise, but it would be hard to re-create it all here!

The Theme: Sex Education

Part 1: Anatomy & Pleasure. Louise introduced herself and discussed the female’s anatomy in a fun way. As she talked about the anatomy, she also talked about pleasure and getting to know your own likes and dislikes. She suggested a good idea, for trying new things with a partner, can be an occasional “sex lab” night where the night is about playing around and trying different things.

Part 2: Sex Toys & Experimentation. The second part of the evening was about sex toys. (Or sexy toys.) Louise talked through several different types of sex toys that can be fun for females to try, and had brought along about 10 different types to show and pass around.

Part 3: Question Time. To make sure that everyone was comfortable asking a question and could ask it anonymously, Louise had a great tactic: everyone was given a slip of paper and a pen, and everyone had to write something on the paper and hand it back to Louise, even if they wrote “I don’t have a question.” This meant that all 30 women gave Louise back a piece of paper, and the questions were truly anonymous!

I found the question time was super interesting. I hadn’t expected people to necessarily share quite private thoughts, self-doubts or concerns. Some examples of questions were: “I’ve never had an orgasm, is this normal?” and “I have a low libido, is there something wrong with me?” and “What can you do if you have a different libido to your partner?”

Louise answered these with thought, care and helpful information.

It was both an interesting and fun night (except for the food! oh boy, I wouldn’t eat there again!) and it’s given Louise some other ideas on future workshops she could run with us.

Our thanks to Louise and everyone who came, and we hope you had an enjoyable evening!


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