Girls Club Event / 4 Short Talks

Photo credit: Jennifer MyMetaworld

G’day. Here’s our summary of the last Girls Club event, which was at Testing Grounds on Sunday 6 April.

The Theme: 4 Short Talks

We think that girls often shy away from being speakers, and don’t get a lot of opportunities to speak… and as a result, we don’t often hear from female speakers, which makes the whole thing a vicious cycle that never improves. We don’t have the role models, we don’t have the inspiration, we don’t see ourselves as speakers…

So! We wanted to have a couple of events this year where we ask girls to be speakers. We didn’t want it to be too hard — so for “4 Short Talks”, our 4 speakers were asked to give very short (5-10 minutes) talks.

The Speakers

Photo credit: Jennifer MyMetaworld. L–R: Shannon Steinfort, Theresa Winters, Fox Woods, Marg Bowden, Amy Lewis.

1. Adrienne Rush
Financial literacy for women

Adrienne is a Financial Planner at Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, and she spoke about financial literacy for women – what to be aware of, what to learn more about, and the questions we should be asking about our finances and our financial security.

If anyone would like to have a more specific consultation with her, please contact Adrienne (link above) – learning about finances tends to be quite personal and individual, so a one-on-one would be best!

2. Amy Lewis
Travel tips

I got to know Amy at the Burning Man festival last year, and I immediately wanted to give her a podcast, or start a podcast and have her as a guest! She relates the most fascinating, hilarious stories. At the time, she doth protested that she wasn’t cut out for a podcast, but when we asked if she could speak for 5 minutes, she stepped up to the challenge. She shared her top travel tips with us… I will never again eat oysters in exotic places, or go to a super-cheap beauty parlour. Terrifying. Wonderful. Her Twitter link is above!

3. Marg Bowden
How to think differently & be more fearless

Marg’s passion is providing highly skilled coaching (group and individual) that helps people learn how to take control of their lives, how to challenge behaviours and thought patterns, and how to develop new self-talk that helps them discover their identity, courage and strength to change their lives in a positive way.

Marg spoke about our limiting self-beliefs, and some ideas on how to change them. I know some people wanted to know more, so please contact Marg (Facebook link above) or check out her business site, Inspire-Ed.

4. Theresa Winters
How to schedule awesomeness: go out every night, read dozens of books, and make it feel effortless!

Theresa is a prolific doer. She knows so many people, has so many interests, and does so many things! She spoke about how she schedules her life – showing us the paper calendar that she uses, and how she tentatively adds events with Post-It notes. That way, she can see all the options for any day or night. She also always has a book on-hand, and at the times when most of us would usually be checking our phones for distractions (on the train, in the elevator, waiting for a cab) she reads some of her book.

She mentioned some of her projects, and some people wanted further details, so here they are:

Braiding Classes

The Plus Ones  – reviews of Melbourne’s best events
Follow the Plus Ones on Twitter / Instagram

WinWinWinters – a group for people who love contests, giveaways, and freebies in Melbourne
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What’s next for Girls Club?

Getting Things Done on Sunday 4 May is sold out – if you can’t come, please cancel your ticket, as there’s a waiting list of people wanting to come!

Eurovision All-Girl Bike Party on Sunday 11 May – in conjunction with The Squeaky Wheel and Spokeswomen, Girls Club will be dressing up ourselves and our bikes, Eurovision style (!!) for a fun ride on international CycloFemme day. Details to come at the link above.

Sex Ed Workshop on Wednesday 28 May – squee! Only 4 tickets left.


NEW: Girls Club Leadership Posse

Bit of a mouthful, right? It might need a better name. But basically, we’d like to open up the leadership of Girls Club to a group of leaders. Shannon and I (Fox) have been running it for a year, and while there’s so much potential and so many cool things that could be done, we need more leaders!

For example, maybe you would love to do a Girls Club podcast, or a YouTube channel, or get creative with the website and do interviews with the girls, or invite guest bloggers… we’d love you to lead something that you’re passionate about, or help on projects.

If you’re interested, we’ve set up a poll so that you can nominate dates when you’re free for a planning dinner. We’ll find the most popular date and send out further invitations. Please come along, even if you’re not sure (I know that usually I think, “oh, I bet loads of people will go to that, so they don’t need me as well”) because you never know what might happen.


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