ICYMI: Links We’ve Liked

Here’s what’s been floating our boats online over the last couple of weeks!

Oppressed Majority – A man lives for a day in a society ruled by women.

Do you share your inbox with your partner? Cate Blanchett seems to think it’s the key to a successful marriage. This article in The Guardian questions online privacy within relationships.

The New York Times asks contributors to weigh in on Barbie’s new career as a Sports Illustrated model.

Mary Beard explores language and misogyny in The Public Voice of Women

“The net doesn’t understand that people change, and doesn’t tolerate it[…]” Quinn Norton on quitting Twitter. Will the internet at large learn that change is the nature of reality?

“I’m not bossy. I’m The Boss.” – Beyoncé joins the campaign to Ban Bossy. 

PhD graduates modelling for Beta Brand!

Jezebel’s how-to for reporting on female politicians (also applicable for other females in the public eye…)

And lastly… Even the babes of OK Cupid get horrid messages! NY Mag profiles the four most desirable people on OK Cupid.

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