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Hey! Here’s our writeup for our last Girls Club event, which was at The Mess Hall on Sunday 2 March.

The Theme: Style

We wanted to start off the year with something a bit fun, and “style” seemed like a good theme. Many of us are intrigued by different aspects of style, whether it’s being fashionable, or thinking about what you’re communicating with your visual presentation, or the way your personality shapes the way you present yourself, or many other sub-topics.

The Activity

We went through a series of questions and thought about our answers and took notes, and then went around the table and listened to different answers. It was fascinating – as always, gosh! – and we actually only did 2 pages of the activity sheet, even though there were 4 pages prepared.

Download the Activity Sheet if you’d like to work through these yourself.

1. Style overview

Firstly, we had a couple of questions about personal taste and style in general:

  • Who do you really find stylish?
  • How do you feel about your style?

We had also suggested that people try working on a Pinterest “style board” beforehand, so that they could share images with everyone. A couple of people were able to talk through their Pinterest boards.

As people were talking, we gathered a lot of notes on style icons and resources, which we’ve included at the very bottom of this post!

2a. Happy with your style?

  • How would you describe your style?
  • What does it express?
  • What’s been your journey to get to this style?
  • How do you decide what to buy and wear?
  • What are your style tips?

2b. Not sure about your style?

  • What misgivings do you have about your style? How do you wish it was different?
  • What determines how you dress everyday? E.g. profession, time, budget, mood

3. Dress to express

We communicate/express who we are by our actions, words, how we sound, smell and look. Usually, the way we first communicate anything to a stranger is visually.

  • Can you think of any times when you have really admired a female (real or fictional) – not necessarily relating to style? Who?
  • Describe their personality, attitude, attributes, what they do for work, etc.
  • What’s their style? What did it communicate to you?

4. Quickies

  • What are your favourite shops?
  • Favourite style resources, magazines, websites, blogs?
  • Favourite style tips or advice?

Links & Info

Colour palette – Learn about your colour palette and what colours might suit you most (if you’re into that sort of thing!)

Body type – Learn about your body type and what styles might suit you (again, if you’re into that sort of thing!)

Book a Stylist – See The Beauty Tutor or Lisa Ballek

Mix ‘n’ Match Wardrobe Tips –

Wardrobe Detox Idea

Go over your wardrobe three times.

  1. First time – What are the clothes you never wear, or don’t really like? Be honest with yourself. It doesn’t matter if they’re designer labels or cost loads… Take them out and put them aside.
  2. Second time – What are the clothes that you wear when you’re feeling frumpy; when you’re having low self-esteem days? Take them out and put them aside.
  3. Third time – Come back the next day, and be brutal this time. Anythung that doesn’t feel like “you”. Anything you haven’t worn in ages. Anything that doesn’t make you feel really, really great. Put them all aside.


  • NO: Put all of these “no” clothes away, somewhere that’s out of sight and out of mind, like a storage box in the garage.
  • YES: Wear your “yes” clothes for 3 months, then reassess your wardrobe. Work on finding the items that really make you feel fantastic.

A million links from our notes…

Here we go, here are all the links from our notes on the day!

Crafty things / shopping

Handmaker’s Factory in Kensington
Thread Den in Collingwood
The Social Studio in Collingwood
Spoonflower – Design your own fabric & more

Stylish sites

The Sartorialist
Garance Doré
Go Fug Yourself
New Dress a Day
Japanese Streets
Hel Looks
Stockholm Streetstyle
Fashion Hayley
Shine By Three
Gary Pepper
a pair & a spare

Stylish people

Solange Knowles
Andrea Serna – presenter from Columbia
Diane Kruger
Zooey Deschanel
sass & bide
Sonia Kruger
Renée Zellweger
Alexa Chung
Fabulous Fashionistas – find it on YouTube!
PJ Harvey
Nubby Twiglet
Fan Bingbing
Audrey Hepburn
Jackie O
Sofia Coppola
Charlotte Gainsbourg
Katharine Hepburn
Connie Britton from Nashville TV show
Warehouse 13 – Sci-Fi show
The aviator jacket in The Rocketeer
Marion Cotillard
Marnie from Girls
Dita Von Teese
Helen Mirren
Garance Doré <3

What’s next for Girls Club?

Well, well, well. We have some cool things in store. Make sure you’re on the mailing list so that you get updates!

Coming up soon, we have…

Girls Club / 4 Short Talks – This is a Sunday morning event. We’re having 4 random very interesting females give 4 random short talks. Oh, you want to know more? Sure! Well, we have:

  • Adrienne Rush, who is talking about financial literacy (yes please, I need mo’ money skills!)
  • Amy Lewis, whose topic is a secret so far, but trust me: I could listen to her read the phone book. (Hopefully she won’t be reading the phone book. But it would still be worth hearing!)
  • Marg Bowden, who’s talking about how to think differently… so you can be more fearless
  • Theresa Winters, who’s talking about how to schedule awesomeness – to go out every night, read dozens of books, and make it feel effortless!

Girls Club / Sex Ed Workshop – This is our first ever evening event! And yes, you read it right – it’s about sex! We have sex educator Louise Bourchier leading a workshop that, well, I’m very curious about. We’ll be talking about sex, pleasure, sexual relationships and what things are really like in bed… Oh my goodness, grab a ticket!

Much love!

Thanks everyone for coming. Hope to see you real soon.


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