Girls Startin’ Somethin’

I’ve been seeing some great resources and links lately for women in business and women wanting to learn more about business, so I figured I’d collect them all in one place and write about them!

First up – Big Hearted Business and the Big Hearted Business Conference 2014:



This conference sounds so cool, and tickets are selling so quickly, that it’s probably about to sell out any second now. But sign up to get news on their next one — and they also do this fantastic thing where they re-do their conference online (a digital version) so that all the people who missed out can still experience it.

Big Hearted Business was started by Clare Bowditch, with the aim to help creatives learn how to turn their creative ideas into healthy businesses, and to help business people benefit from bringing more creativity into their worlds.

If you’re on the newsletter, you’ll get goodies, tips and information, including video collaboration “Inspiration Bombs”!


Amanda Watts is the owner of a design agency, and has started up My Weekend Career to help women start their own healthy businesses. Her newsletter, the “Make Your Own Luck” Club (love the name!) sends out tips, info and inspiration, and her site offers free downloads and videos, and will soon be offering courses and ebooks on various aspects of online business.


Women in Business is a place where you can get inspired by female independent business owners and their stories, and you can also get in touch with them. Most of them share their advice about starting a business like theirs (or a business in general), so it’s pretty interesting and informative.


The League of Extraordinary Women is for female entrepreneurs. They run events, and their vision is “to create a community that focuses on connecting other young female entrepreneurs and aspiring entrpreneurs to form and create real relationships and friendships – rather than just focusing on the business-swapping networking events.”


Creative Womens’ Circle “is a community of women involved in creative industries who share information, inspiration and ideas.” Similar to Big Hearted Business, CWC also aims to help women in creative industries to build and nurture healthy businesses. It was at a CWC event that I first heard Clare Bowditch talk about her Big Hearted Business, so I’m glad I went to that!


SheSays is “a place for advancing women in digital” and “holds events, where top females in the industry share their thoughts and help people work their way up.” It has a very particular niche, but if you’re in the digital industry, you might be interested in their events.

Recently, I went to one of their events and heard Jean Lin (CEO of Isobar Asia Pacific) speak about her career path – from the very beginning – including her mistakes, tough decisions and the pros/cons all along the way, and it was fascinating. If you’re in Melbourne, it’s best to follow their @SheSaysMelb Twitter account for news and info.


Know any other women-in-business resources or links?

Let us know, so we can add them!

OK, peace out for now.

XO Fox


P.s. I have many private philosophies and personal guidelines, but I came across one the other day that I wanted to share: You already have No. If you want to do something – let’s say you want to try working in a different department at work – and you don’t ask if you can do it, then the answer is already No. But if you ask, then the answer might be No, or it might be Yes. So, why not try for a Yes? 

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