Girls Club Event / My Future, Part 2

The last Girls Club event for 2013 was at The Mess Hall on Sunday 3 November.

The Theme: My Future, Part 2

In July, we had an event called My Future, Part 1 where we did this Activity Sheet and worked through what we might want for ourselves in 2014. Then we broke down our ideas into smaller steps, so that we could start exploring them further.

We followed up with our members in-between July and November, to see how they were going with their ideas. To our surprise – wow! – so many people were following through with their ideas and had taken the first steps (or even more!) in the directions that they wanted.

Some people, of course, decided that they didn’t really want what they thought they wanted, after all (which is always a great thing to learn about yourself) and some people were finding it difficult to action their ideas, because of other factors in their lives.

Which is all good. Even just exploring what you want is really, really important. Just thinking about it. Just taking a few notes. Sometimes it leads you in another direction. Sometimes you learn something new and interesting about yourself.

Anyway. At this November event, we summarised what we’d done in 2013, and we quickly went over what we wanted in 2014. Then we had some champagne!

We love everyone for coming, and sharing, and for exploring your ideas.

Some miniature shout-outs

Andrea – for getting a new job
Shannon – for going on a massive trip to the USA
Jude – for starting her Masters in IT and updating her website and quitting her job!
Jude & Kat – for working on their business idea
Fox – for quitting her job and going freelance
Kat – for planning a big trip in 2014
Jess & Em & Kat – for following through on what they wanted with their finances!
Em – for launching her Etsy store!
Tessa – for going the UK and a writers conference
Leonie – for launching a new website and having an art exhibition!
Marg – for interviewing one of her heroes
Stef – for quitting her job, and starting training with 3MBS radio!
Liesl – for what? It’s a secret….

AMAZING! What a bunch of cool girls. 

What’s next for Girls Club?

Well, we are closed for summer break (so that we can rest and recharge), but we will be announcing a Girls Club Social in 2014, to kick off the year with a fun social event and some day-time drinks!

We will also be planning out the 2014 year and sending out a questionnaire to our mailing list so that we can get some key feedback from y’all.


Thanks for a stunning year. We’ve had some fantastic positive feedback recently – one girl said that just showing up to Girls Club has been life-changing, because everyone who comes along has worked on what they want, and been a huge inspiration, and encouraged her to change her life – and another girl said that even though she can’t come to Girls Club events, she enjoys reading the summaries of the events and being a part of it, from afar!

Much love.

Here’s to you. Here’s to 2014!


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