Girls Club Event / Behind the Scenes

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The last Girls Club event was  at The Mess Hall on Sunday 4 August.

The Theme: Behind the Scenes

The idea for this month’s Girls Club event was very, very simple – What are the decisions we make, behind the scenes? What goes on in our lives, behind the scenes? – but the end result was one of the most intriguing and inspiring events yet!

(I think we will mark this theme as a winner, and use it again in the future!)

Homework / Activity

In advance of the event, we sent out a simple Activity Sheet that prompted people to write down what happened in their day.

Then, at the club meet, we went around the table, and everyone described their day. Does that seem like boring to do? Because my gosh, it wasn’t! It was fascinating! Every single person had some aspect to their day that, as we asked more questions, was completely bewildering, or inspiring, or amazing in some way.

My personal top-props go to Marg, who described how she is putting together a workshop on “not letting our personal beliefs hold us back,” and, in following her own advice, reached out to a personal hero – Kathrine Switzer, the first female marathon runner – and to her surprise, Switzer accepted her request for an interview! So the day that Marg described to us was an exciting, wonderful day where she was able to interview a formidable woman.

Thank You

Massive thanks to Emily, Liesl, Leonie, Cassie, Marg and Caroline for coming along and telling us so much about your lives! We had the best time, and hope you did too.

Upcoming Events

  • SEP – Role Models & Girl Love
  • OCT – “Lean In” book
  • NOV – My Future, Part 2
  • DEC-FEB – [Closed] But we will have summer drinks, “The Girls Club Social!”

Fox & Shannon

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