Girls Club Event / My Future, Part 1

The last Girls Club event was  at The Mess Hall on Sunday 7 July.

The Theme: My Future, Part 1

The Backstory

You know, the idea of “Girls Club” is all fine and good. A club – wanting to foster positive relationships between females – that has monthly activities? Yep, that’s great. But we worry. We worry that it will get boring. We worry that it won’t be meaningful enough. How do we make it more meaningful, and create a longer story arc?

Our first tactic is to have a big topic, “My Future,” as an ongoing & recurring theme. So “My Future, Part 1” was in July, and “My Future, Part 2” will be in November, and we’ll be following everyone up on their thoughts and progress in-between.

The Activity

Thinking about the future is (maybe) a big ask, (maybe) overwhelming. So we started off with a simple brainstorm.

Download the Activity Sheet to follow the steps.

1. Imagine

Firstly, we asked, “What are some things that you would like in your life, or like to change about your life, by January next year?” We had some time to scribble notes for this.

Then, “Describe yourself in 2014. What has changed about you?” And some more scribble time.

2. Planner

Everyone wrote the items that they really wanted into the “2014” column on the planner. Then they worked backwards and filled in “4 Months,” “1 Month,” and “1 Week,” as though creating baby steps towards the 2014 wish list. For example:

  • 2014 – Travel overseas
  • 4 Months (November) –  Buy flights
  • 1 Month (August) – Saving, research, basic plan of trip
  • 1 Week (14 July) – Set budget, start saving

3. Action

Say it out loud

We asked if anyone would be comfortable sharing two of their “2014” items, and what they’d written in the “1 Month” column as baby-steps in the right direction. Everyone shared! It was inspiring and encouraging listening to everyone’s wishes and their plans to get what they want.

Sponsor idea

Lastly, we talked about Girls Club being a sponsor (as in: supporter of change). We will be contacting everyone from the day, and asking them if they would like support and encouragement on any of their plans & wishes, from now until 2014.

And, in November, we’ll be doing part 2 of this activity!

BTW: If you weren’t at this event, but you want to use Girls Club as your sponsor, work through the activity sheet and email us when you’re done. We’ll send you further instructions, and you can be included in the “My Future” project.

Thank You

Thank you for joining us and sharing yourselves Andrea, Tessa, Kat, Jess, Stef, Serena, Emily and Jude. Beautiful girlfriends.

Upcoming Events

Our next event is on Sunday 4 August, and the topic is Behind the Scenes. We’ll send out more information soon… this one will be interesting.

  • AUG – Behind the Scenes
  • SEP – Role Models & Girl Love
  • OCT – “Lean In” book
  • NOV – My Future, Part 2
  • DEC-FEB – [Closed] But we will have summer drinks, “The Girls Club Social!”

Fox & Shannon

P.s. Don’t forget to join the discussion group, and be part of the online Girls Club.

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