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We had the first Girls Club event at Trunk on Sunday, and it was wonderful. A great turnout, and so many smiling faces!

The Theme: The Club

For our first time, the theme was the Club itself. We wanted to hear what everyone’s thoughts about what “Girls Club” could mean to them, and what they wanted to get out of the club.

Everyone was given two worksheets for the event:
Small Planner
Activity Sheet

We worked through 4 questions on the Activity Sheet, and everyone shared their answers.

Q1. Why did you come to Girls Club?

(I didn’t write everyone’s answers down! I was too excited about the turnout! If anyone has notes for this, please send them to us.)

Q2. Do you have any ideas for the club & mission?

Learning & Discussing

  • Ideas from interesting books (see list below for starters!)
  • Rebranding “feminism” because it can seem alien, off putting, angry, etc
  • Being a female in AU / Melbourne & how that’s different from other places
  • More specific version of the Girls Club mission
  • “You can’t be what you can’t see” – how we can address this, e.g. be role models
  • Other females’ experiences
  • Other females’ influences
  • Girls VS women
  • “Behind the scenes” of other females: what do they deal with, what decisions do they make, what decisions have they made about their role/career/future, etc.
  • Recommendations & knowledge sharing

Other Suggestions

  • Start up a discussion group for Girls Club, for knowledge sharing, link sharing, etc
    (Done! – You can now join the discussion group.)

Q3. What could you learn from other girls?

Confidence & Assertion

  • How to set boundaries & not be a doormat
  • How to meet other people / other types
    of people
  • How to have more self-confidence / follow dreams
  • How to back myself


  • How to be more resilient
  • How to stop overthinking problems / situations
  • How to not be easily hurt
  • How to deal better with changes & transitions
  • Stress & anxiety management

Knowledge & Advice

  • Think through things with the club
  • Get opinions & advice
  • Accessing knowledge from the club
    e.g. interesting links
  • Finding & learning about role models

New Skills & Self Awareness

  • How to be the person I want to be
  • How to learn my strengths
  • How to learn better
  • How to be a healthy introvert
  • How to deal with men
  • Time management
  • Professional tactics


  • How to rely on other people & be dependent sometimes
  • How to stop being bossy
  • How to learn to be wrong… better
  • How to be more constructive /
  • How to see the positives in people

Q4. What skill or strength could you share with other girls?

  • Running camps and activities
  • Relationship talks & advice
  • Confidence & assertion
  • Anything to do with the internet
  • Research & learning
  • Resilience
  • Stress & anxiety management
  • Health boundaries
  • Loyalty
  • Enthusiasm
  • Compassion & empathy
  • Dealing with patronising & difficult people
  • Not being quick to judge people
  • World perspectives
  • Social values
  • Being organised
  • Goal management & brainstorming goals
  • Time management
  • Being a good listener
  • Anything to do with TV
  • Design

What else?

There were some other recommendations we noted during the event:

Recommended Books

How to Be a Woman by Caitlin Moran
The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf
Quiet by Susan Cain

(We recommend Booko for price comparison!)


See Jane / Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media


The take-home activity was to have a think about our mission and 4 actions we could work on.

Our Mission

We want to:
* Foster positive relationships between girls.
* Create a positive environment to meet, support and learn.
* Share positive role models, skills, advice, tips, stories.

Roll Call

Thank you everyone for taking time out of your weekends and joining us.
It was such a pleasure.

Thank you Serena, Tegan, Liesl, Nicole, Emma, Stef and Caroline.

Next Event

We’re working on the next theme at the moment, and will post more info soon!

Fox & Shannon

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