Friendship Contract Idea

We started Girls Club because we want to:

Foster positive relationships between girls.
Create a positive environment to meet, support and learn.
Share positive role models, skills, advice, tips, stories.

While we’ve been thinking about this mission, our collective ears have been alert for any relevant information. How do we encourage ourselves to be more positive? How do we find positive role models? Where do we start?

@nomesmessenger found The Friendship Contract, which introduces the idea of a friendship contract between two female friends, because typically females will avoid conflict and may stop speaking to each other rather than engaging in serious, awkward conversation.

From the article:

And the whole thing made me think about how female friendships work. How different they are from romantic attachments, much of the time. We share our souls with each other, our most secret secrets, sometimes, but so often, we don’t know how to fight. We don’t learn how to be hurt by each other and keep going.

I am intrigued by this idea. Could it work? If we had a framework to facilitate difficult and awkward topics, could it help? I want to try it. I’ll set up a Friendship Contract, and a way of communicating, and see if anyone will try it with me.


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